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Skip Bins For Hire Coffs Harbour

12 Things You Need To Know About Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins are a versatile and reliable method of getting rid of your household, green and construction waste fast, easily, and in bulk. Stop the multiple trips back and forth to the tip with the trailer, it usually takes you many hours more, and ends up costing you more in tipping fees, than simply hiring a skip bin Coffs Harbour to start with. Whether it is for your household or business needs, skip bin hire is most likely the most convenient form of waste removal open to you.

It is just simply a more convenient and more economically viable alternative than doing multiple ‘tip runs’ yourself. Not to mention it frees up a lot of your time so you can do more important things, like relaxing and spending quality time with your friends and family. So hiring a green bin, general waste bin, renovation bin or construction makes alot of sense. 

When you are ready for skip bin hire coffs harbour nsw and get that clean up under way, there is alot of information regarding skip bin hire to keep in mind. If you would like to contact us for more information, or merely book a skip bin today, then please follow this link and contact us in the most convenient way you want HERE

Be Upfront With The Skip Bin Contents

Skip Bin Hire Coffs Truck Rear
A Marrell rear loader skip bin truck

Before you book your next skip bin hire in the Coffs Harbour area, ensure you are up front with the skip bin hire company you select. Make sure you declare what different types of waste you are going to place in your skip bin, At the time of booking the hire.

You really need to clarify what types of waste you wish to put in the bin. There are some types of waste that you are NOT allowed to put into a skip bin. You also need to determine the amount and types of waste as it will determine what size of bin you will require.

Please see below the types of waste most commonly disposed of in skip bins, and what is and what isn’t allowed. You can also see more information HERE

Green and Garden Waste

Garden Waste To Put In Skip Bin
Green Waste Ready to Go in a Skip Bin


Grass, yard clippings, trees, shrubs and any other general green waste from your garden. Most coffs skip bins operators will charge less for a green bin hire, as apposed to a general or construction waste bin, as this type of waste collection is charged at a lesser rate by the councils to dump it.

Clean fill/soil and sand only

Skip Hire Coffs harbour Clean Fill
Nothing else is allowed in the skip bin with clean fill

This includes soil, dirt, and sand. NOT wet soil, dirt or sand as they are too heavy. Rocks, pebbles or anything else are not allowed. Clean fill is waste material, that can be collected from construction jobs, that can be reused for future projects. 

To be classified as clean fill the waste material has to contain, dirt, top soil and sand, or as a combination of these 3 things and portion of it containing cement, concrete, gravel, brick or general rubble.

Domestic General Waste

General waste coffs skip bin hire
General waste is the most popular for skip bins.

Household waste like clothes, toys, cardboard, paper, kitchenware, furniture (lounges, cupboards, sideboards), appliances (fridges, freezers, washing machines), electronics, plastic, glass etc. You can also place general light commercial waste in the ski bin such as, office furniture, filing cabinets, stationary etc. Light green waste like grass clippings, shrubs and twigs can also be part of this domestic general waste category.

This waste type does not include general household waste, like food scraps and the likes that you place in your weekly bin collection.

Bricks, Concrete And Tiles Only

skip hire for building rubble skip hire coffs
Be careful not to overfill your skip bin hire

Bricks, concrete and tiles only, nothing else to be put in the skip bin.

Aluminium And Steel Only

Coffs Harbour scrap metal skip bin hire
These bins have to be clean recycable waste

Steel and Aluminium only, no other waste is allowed.

Make Sure Your Skip Bin Provider has the Required Local Council Permits

Full Skip Bin
Skip Bin on the Council nature strip, full

Sometimes the only place to leave a skip bin is out the front of the property, either on the council nature strip or on the road. This can mean the home owner must apply to council to have this facility open to them, or they may incur council fines.

Some skip bin companies, depending, upon the councils rules and regulations, can pay a yearly fee that will grant them a council permit to solve this issue.

Mr Hire Bins has the relevant council permits in place to ensure your skip bin hire in the Coffs Harbour area is covered by the relative council permits for leaving a skip bin on a nature strip. 

Mr Hire Bins is here to make your skip bin hire as easy as possible. We have the relative Council permits and can take online skip bin bookings HERE

Make Sure You Sort Your Waste

If you wish to make the rubbish removal process easier by hiring a skip bin, then it is a must to ensure you sort your waste into one of the above categories. The disposal and skip bin hire process will be a lot easier

Also make sure that any hazardous materials are not going in the bin. The majority of waste management companies will not collect a skip bin with ‘mixed bags’ placed in them, and will ask the waste is properly grouped. They are not being difficult; some waste needs to be separated to be kept safe. These waste management companies also need to comply with the transport laws and waste disposal rules, so they do not endanger the environment or their own livelihood. 

Take Note Of The Weight Allowance Of Your Skip Bins

Skip Bin Hire Coffs Harbour Big Bin With Door
Make sure to watch how much weight you are putting into the skip bin to ensure no scares at weighing and payment time.

Due to the high cost of waste disposal fees in Australia, most skip bin operators will allocated a covered weight limit in the skip hire price. This is standard practice, and as such, it is wise for you to ask and take note of the covered weight limit. Usually there be $X amount per 100 kilos over this weight limit. So it wise to ask your bin professional prior to confirming a booking.

It is also smart to make sure you do not place anything overly heavy in the bin to ensure you maximise the load and area of the bin, and you do not pay for too much, if any, excess weight.

If you have multiple heavy items, then it can sometimes be a case of ordering 2 smaller bins to distribute the weight, and staying under the weight restrictions. It’s a good idea to be open and honest with your chosen provider so you can work out a solution where everyone wins prior to having the bin/s delivered. Our weight limits can be found HERE

Maximise Your Skip Bin Load

Make sure you place heavy items at the bottom of your skip bin hire when filling it. It is a good idea to break down larger items such as furniture before loading them. Ensure that you don’t leave any large air spaces either, you don’t want to paying for ‘thin air’ now do you!

Do NOT fill the skip bin hire above the rim, it is illegal to transport waste that is above the containment rim of the skip bin.

Be Careful Not To Overfill The Skip Bin

coffs harbour skip bin overloaded
Do Not fill the skip bin above the rim

Do NOT fill the skip bin hire above the rim, it is illegal to transport waste that is above the containment rim of the skip bin. The majority of skip bin companies will insist on you removing pieces of waste from the skip bin until the load is level with the top of the bin, that is of course if the skip bin has been overloaded. They are not trying be difficult, it is dangerous to cart waste that is above the rim of the skip bin, and can have serious legal implications on the skip bin business.

Qualify the best place to leave the skip bin

Make sure to discuss with your chosen provider the best place to put the skip bin hire BEFORE delivery. This will help both of you. You want it so its easy as possible to place the waste in the bin, and the provider will need to ensure that the vehicle will actually be able to access the place you want the bin placed.

This may sound like a small point, however I ensure you it is not. Most skip bin trucks have rear hydraulic stabilizers they place on the ground when lifting a full skip bin onto the truck. These stabilizers reduce the rear clearance of the bin truck as they generally sit lower than the skip chassis. Which also restricts the height of obstacles they can travel over without damaging your property, and potentially theirs. Ideally a level surface with relatively unrestricted clearance is the best place.

Local Waste Management Alternatives for Coffs Harbour

The Coffs City Council cancelled the traditional twice-yearly local curb side collections of bulk hard waste back in 2018, and it angered many local residents at the time. Since then they have introduced several different alternatives as a proposed waste management solution.

  • Local property rate payers will receive 2 free self-haul vouchers with their rates notices each year. This enables them to take their bulky household waste to the England’s Road Waste Management Plant. The weight limit is 200kg per voucher, and up to three cubic metres in size. Residents are allowed to take the waste with stations wagons, sedans, utility and standard box trailers without size extensions. No light trucks are allowed under the plan.
  • The second option is a dial-up and user-pays system. Locals are allowed a maximum of 2 of these types of collections services annually. This service is shared between Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Heads Council areas as a shared Waste Management contract, so it is wise to call ahead on 1800 265 495 to check the available times of the year this service is available in Coffs Harbour.
  • The charge is $46.00 per pick up, which must be paid at the time that the booking is made, or you can choose to pay it at the Coffs Coast Waste Services office which is located at 25 England’s Road, Coffs Harbour.